The NPO is a biennial portrait competition and exhibition with a desired launch date of 2020.  The NPO is being established  to provide a platform, stimulus and point of focus for the debate over whether a portrait is a physical resemblance of the subject, as has traditionally been the case, or whether there is there space for abstractions that represent states of the mind, emotions, intellect, perception, memory, personality, spirit and being?  It could even be argued that all art is a form of self portrait.

The competition, therefore, gives equal weight to portraiture in both the classical realist perspective and also that of the abstract.

Debate over the definition of portraiture will be stimulated by perspectives offered by a variety of invited contributors initially, but will ultimately be open to all.  Promotion of the NPO will be centred around this debate.

The platform for the ‘The Abstract Debate’ will be launched early next year when artists and critics will be invited to provide their thoughts and reactions.

Information about the launch of the NPO will be published later this year.

For all enquiries contact Sally Ingram:


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